Great fulfillment generates greater demand

From three- to four-day deliveries to same-day delivery, click-to-door speeds have shrunk over time. With consumers exhibiting increasingly fast-paced buying patterns, storage, sorting, packing and delivery will no longer be individual operational functions but one single, agile, fluid movement. 

Fulfillment is moving into the last mile – store-backs, Darkstores and MFCs will rise in importance.

On-demand consumption behavior also prioritizes no reliability in fulfillment for brand selection – darkstores/micro-fulfilment centers (MFCs) have to focus on shrinking the time cycles between placing an order and getting it fulfilled, enhancing the consumer experience. 

Robotic, low-touch automation is the only way forward. Robotics built for warehouses did not work for fulfillment centers, and robotics built for fulfillment centers will not work for MFCs.

Cartesian Kinetics

Cartesian Kinetics has developed a deep tech-enabled robotic fulfillment stack exclusively for darkstores and MFCs as these centers cope with increasingly on-demand consumption patterns. 

Cartesian Kinetics’ vision is to help brands and retailers ‘wow’ consumers by moving goods with the same agility as moving data. 

Cartesian Kinetics is on a mission to automate store-backs, darkstores and MFCs to enable next-day / same-day /on-demand deliveries – as automation is key to meet turnaround expectation in the last mile. The technology has been developed with the aim of helping MFCs and darkstores to give a great fulfillment experience. 

Cartesian Kinetics is a Silicon Valley-based stealth mode deep tech start-up aiming to change the world of fulfilment through innovative automation solutions. The founders are alumni of Stanford, UCBerkeley, IIM and IIT, and are backed by marquee Silicon Valley VCs. 

The team has a combined experience of 100+ person years in deep tech, mechatronic solutions, management strategy and planning, project management and program management, and they have been at the cusp of the transformation in manufacturing and supply to demand chain automation.

This Is What We Do

We solve the hard problems of tomorrow, today.

We bring together different paradigms:  

We believe that great fulfillment generates greater demand.

We deeply believe decentralized fulfillment is the way forward, and automation is key for a sustainable future.